Carbon Dioxide

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Key Takeaway:

Disclosure and transparency of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is a key element to identify climate risk drivers (physical and transition risks) and support the required reduction in anthropogenic emissions.

Direct Measurements: 2005-Present

Data source: Monthly measurements (average seasonal cycle removed). Credit: NOAA

Facilitating the scaling of green technologies to off grid communities

bitlumens platform



Bitlumens enable unique IoT functionality, delivering data using modular end to end encrypted communication protocols.



Power plants and utilities can monitor the health of their systems and prevent failures.


Get Valuable Insights

Intelligence gained from IoT data helps reduce the costs associated with theft and energy planning while optimizing the power plant’s operations.

Financial Inclusion for Rural Communities

KYC, Payments and Financial Track Record

our solutions

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Bitlumens sensors provide the data granularity needed for the measurement of carbon emissions and credit risk

Icon Connectivity


Connecting modular communication protocols globally to access Bitlumens monitoring capabilities for photovoltaics, wind and hydroelectric applications

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We combine survey data with sensor data to feed our algorithms, getting valuable insights on carbon mitigation and credit risk

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End-to-end traceability of data and the digital representation of an assets means clean, structured data and greater transparency

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